About Heather

Hi, I’m Heather, your friendly healthy habits coach!

Too many of us have worked too hard, too long, on habits that feel downright oppressive. It doesn’t have to be like this! We can enjoy life as we strive to make even small improvements.  

I love to share strategies, tools, and the peace of mind that comes from reaching a goal. Especially when you’ve tried before but gotten stuck. Everyone has those “things” they feel called to work on — food, fitness, money management, clutter, entrepreneurial goals.

You can keep trying what you’ve always done, or learn a new process. My programs focus on helping you truly find your flow. And it works! 

Almost everyone struggles to “do what they set out to do” at some point. Some area where they’d like to improve. It’s not just you. These obstacles are, I believe, an important part of our life’s work. We stand a better chance when we reach out for the right support.

You can do this. I’m here to help.

Heather’s Story

Growing up, my parents were teachers and coaches, so my coaching experience began early on — giving swimming lessons to babies and kids. Then, in college I coached journalism students at the campus radio station. After that, as a Peace Corps volunteer, I coached new mothers in nutrition as part of a safe motherhood and child survival program. At humanitarian jobs in Baltimore, MD, and Washington, DC, I led communications teams, training and mentoring colleagues. I grew increasingly interested in this question of why we don’t always do what we say we want to do. I researched it incessantly and started my own behavior-focused consulting business. 

At one point, having trained students in Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado on behavior, I realized it was time to “put my money where my mouth was.” I applied my behavioral knowledge to myself, with the aid of coaches, trainers, and colleagues. I made huge strides! It was awesome! 

So, in 2016 I decided to start “The Habits Whisperer” coaching business. I started small with friends and friends of friends. We found a framework that really works for building habits fluidly. YAY! 

I know if you’re here, you’re a pretty awesome person. You’ve totally got it together. But maybe some small habits nag at you? If you’d like to work on:

  • organization & overwhelm
  • food, nutrition & fitness
  • money, business & entrepreneurship
  • marketing and copywriting
  • or some other habit…

Please reach out. The little steps mean a lot — so just make the first one today.  

It’s all about helping you achieve healthier habits… that STICK!


  • Embrace the human experience
  • Coach with empathy and without judgement
  • Find evidence-based strategies
  • Enjoy the process


The Habits Whisperer approach works for men and women who want to rediscover their most vibrant selves. Most often, they know what they want to do… but aren’t doing it, yet they’re ready to shed unproductive patterns. This is where a guide can help.


Habit-based coaching helps clients look beyond “the quick fix” to make lasting change. Clients explore their stories and their deeper reasons for the choices they make. Together, we find what truly works for your life, on your terms.

Coaching Credentials

Certified Coach, PN L1 | PN L2 Pending | Certified Online Teacher/Trainer| Master’s Degree, Johns Hopkins University | Bachelor’s Degree, University of Kansas | University-level coaching experience, UMKC | RPCV