It's all about helping you achieve healthier habits


The Habits Whisperer approach works for men and women who want to rediscover their most vibrant selves. Perhaps they feel stuck at a crossroads and need help identifying the next steps to reach their goals. Or they know what to do but aren’t doing it, and want to shed unproductive patterns. In either case, this is where a guide can help.


Habit-based coaching with The Habits Whisperer helps clients look beyond "the quick fix" to make lasting change. Clients explore their stories and their deeper reasons for their behavior, to find deeper meaning and satisfaction in their food and movement choices. They find what truly works for their life, on their terms. 


Our Values:
Researching facts
Finding evidence
Avoiding assumptions
Embracing the human experience
Coaching without judgement
Finding what works
Enjoying the process


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Heather's Story

For many years while working as communicator and behavior change practitioner, I found professional success but personally I found myself dissatisfied with my lack of energy. Time-strapped and working primarily at a desk, staring at screens, I became significantly overweight. I tried a lot of things, but nothing seemed to stop the incremental weight gain I saw on the scale and in my clothing sizes, year over year. 
Further, it worried me that I had studied and practiced marketing... yet found it difficult to change my own habits and behavior with any lasting effect.
So I launched a campaign to market change in my own body.  
I sought guidance anywhere I could find it. Alongside reading academic literature and popular press articles and books, I reached out to experts in many fields: medical, fitness, wellness, chiropractic, therapeutic, nutritional, and meditative.
Once I hired a long-term coach, things began to shift. I did strength training only twice a week, moved more often, and followed clear nutritional advice.
My guide provided simple steps to follow--so simple I couldn't believe the changes I was seeing over time. As a result, I lost 40 pounds in about 6 months back in 2016. What I gained, though, was even more important: a new perspective on what is possible in this life. 
I learned more about nutrition and the human body, and my coach helped me navigate pitfalls, improve my capabilities, and enhance my quality of life… all in a kind and empathetic way. This transformative experience led me to become a habits coach, to share what I learned with others.
I strive to find the root issues of my clients' concerns, and to yield long-term, sustainable solutions to behavior change matters. Together, we work to form lasting habits — that trigger stress relief, improved sleep, weight loss, increased mobility, and much more — and to lead more holistic, vibrant, and energetic lives. 
For the record, I earned a Masters of Science from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Kansas. I have taught and coached students at the university level and co-published peer-reviewed journal articles on social and behavioral change issues. I'm a Certified Nutrition Coach (PN1) and Certified Online Teacher & Trainer. I'm also a writer and contributor to Thrive Global.