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Blast Through Inertia

5 weeks • 3 sessions

What’s holding you back?  Join the original, 5-week healthy habit-building coaching program. Explore what’s driving your body image, food habits, and movement patterns.

5 weeks is enough time to…
…Discontinue some bad habits.
…Create a new lynchpin habit.
…Break through a plateau.

“I finally cracked the inertia. This weekend we did a 4-mile family walk!” – MB

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90 days • 12 sessions

Get ready for the next season in your life. Create and maintain lasting habits and focused change with next-level coaching support.

3 months is enough time to…
…Get through a rough patch.
…Improve your mindset, nutrition, and body. 
…Reach a specific, seasonal goal.

“I never would have completed my first multi-sport event without your behavior map.” – HR

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6 months • 12 months

Create and sustain better health behaviors for life. Ensure you can retain and focus on your habits by COMMITTING to keeping it top priority with tailored action plans.

One year is enough time to… 
…Increase calm and reduce stress.
…Truly improve your health and wellbeing.
…Feel completely confident and content in your body.

“I thought I had tried everything, but you showed me there is a different way.” – KR

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Clarify your goals. Maintain motivation. Check in–in person or over the phone.

One hour is enough time to focus attention on your immediate concerns and find your most critical “lynchpin habits” (tiny behaviors yielding great impact).

Basically, we can do a lot in an hour.

“Three months after losing the weight, I have not regained.” – AM


Health & Wellness Behavioral Consulting

Heather Bowen Ray provides behavioral health and wellness consulting for your business, partnering with your staff to meet a wide range of health program goals.

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