Do you strive to live a more energetic, capable,  vibrant and resilient life? Yet feel stuck? Today's unhealthy food environment, combined with confusing societal expectations and “quick fix” promises from marketers can lead us through a cycle of despair. 

If you feel you've tried it all and are just so f***ing over it, you are ready for The Habits Whisperer. It's time to go deep, explore your story, and create a clear roadmap to permanent positive change. 

Using the power of improved daily habits, you can avoid the traps of short-term thinking and write your own success story. Find what you really want, at the deepest level, and live the life you were meant to lead. Whether that's more personal time for self-care, quality time with your family or kids, or finding new ways to express yourself, you can do it. 

Reach your goals and your greater human potential with The Habits Whisperer.


Hi! I'm Heather Bowen Ray, and I work personally with ambitious and goal-oriented professionals who are struggling to create the healthy, energetic lives they envision. With healthy habits coaching, clients finally pinpoint the "missing pieces" -- the precise habits and strategies they need -- to lose weight, feel great, and to create sustainable and satisfying relationships with food and movement.

So let's talk!  Say good riddance to bad habits and develop habits that truly serve you to live the life you want.

Is real and lasting habit change possible? Absolutely. You've come to this point, and this site, for a reason. Let's work together to help you unlock your healthy potential.

Contact me to learn more about coaching services customized to suit your needs.